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Introducing the Founder Partner Scheme

Planet Whale is proud to be working in partnership with some of the world’s most passionate whale and dolphin conservationists from both the commercial and charitable sectors. Our Founder Partners include leading Cetacean Conservation Organisations and Whale Watch Operators from the UK, Europe, Africa and Australia. Planet Whale would also like to acknowledge the support and advice of our Project Development Partner. Read on to find out more about all of our partners. 


Why be a Founder Partner?

Not only are our Founder Partners supporting Planet Whale as it develops into the online home of whale watching; they are also helping to devise new methods to encourage high quality, sustainable whale and dolphin watching around the world. Only then will whale watching deliver more inspirational experiences and convert more people to supporting marine conservation than ever before.

To achieve this, Planet Whale's Founder Partners are developing a rating scheme that will enable whale watchers to review their trip experiences based on a set of ethical criteria. Once implemented, all whale watch trips on the site will be listed in accordance with this ethical rating system.

Planet Whale and its Founder Partners believe that this simple mechanism will set new and improved standards for the whale watching industry and provide commercial operators with valuable feedback on how to improve their trips and increase passenger numbers. It's a win win situation for whales, dolphins, and the people that spend their lives with them. 


A big hug for our Founder Partners

The Planet Whale team would like to give a big online hug to each and every one of our Founder Partners (squeeze, squeeze!). We love you guys for believeing in our mission, and working alongside us to make the world a better place! Find out more about Planet Whale's mission


Would you like to be a Founder Partner?

We have just one place left on our Founder Partner Scheme. If you would like to grab it, email for more info.


Meet our Founder Partners


OceanCare logoOceanCare has been committed to the protection of marine mammals and the oceans since 1989. With research and protection projects, environmental campaigns and untiring efforts directed at establishing regulatory legislation at international conferences, the Swiss organization contributes to improving the situation of the world’s oceans.

OceanCare collaborates closely with leading scientists and is highly respected by political decision-makers for its competence as well as its cooperative and solution-oriented attitude. This policy enables the organization to introduce important topics to all relevant international conventions and agreements and to implement specific measures for the conservation of marine mammals and the marine environment.


Sylvia Frey of OceanCare talks about the Founder Partner Scheme:
"Whale watching can pose serious threats to whales and dolphins if not conducted in a responsible manner. If certain ethical and behavioral aspects towards the animals are considered, this wildlife experience provides not only unforgettable moments, but may also serve whale and dolphin conservation. OceanCare is convinced that besides conservation measures by NGOs, governmental and international bodies, the wildlife viewing standards of practice for whales and dolphins strongly depend on the choices and actions every single person participating on a whale watching trip.

Hence, each person can make a difference by choosing the wonderful experience of a whale and dolphin watching tour instead of visiting a captive dolphin facility for example. Furthermore, sharing this experience with others by means of a rating system will help to support responsible whale watch operators and together with the efforts from conservation organisations such as OceanCare, will help to raise the standard of the industry.

In this sense, we believe that Planet Whale is an ideal plattform to promote this spirit."


Whale Watch West Cork






Whale Watch West Cork is dedicated to providing our customers with a safe, comfortable and educational whale and dolphin watching experience. We seek to impart detailed knowledge on the marine mammals and other wildlife we encounter and on the wider issues of marine conservation through informed commentary with special emphasis on the current threats facing these unique animals and their fragile environment. We directly support conservation measures through education and research.









Sealife Surveys


Sealife Surveys

Sea Life Surveys, established over twenty five years ago in 1982, was the first and is now the most experienced whale watching, porpoise, shark and dolphin watching, marine survey, and education programme in the UK. Establishing the Hebridean Whale and Dolphin Trust in 1992, Sea Life Surveys is still actively conducting a research programme focused on the Minke Whale and contributing directly to marine conservation.





Whale and Dolphin Watch Australia Inc.Whale and Dolphin Watch Australia Inc. (WADWA)

WADWA is the national incorporated association of Australian commercial whalewatchers and part of the International Alliance of Commercial Whalewatchers. The International Alliance of Commercial Whalewatchers is a network of commercial operators from around the world, gathered together for the purpose of promoting and ensuring the sustainability of the whale and dolphin watch industry. 





Dolphin-Care AfricaDolphin-Care Africa

Based in Mozambique, Dolphin-Care Africa is a non-profit organization that actively works at conserving local dolphin populations, turtles, whale sharks, migrating whales, and the environment in which they live in. As tourism has increased in the area, so has the need to follow environmentally friendly and sustainable tourism practices, ensuring the safety of coastal cetacean populations.



tMS Group logo

Our Project Development Partner – tMS Group

Planet Whale is extremely grateful to the ongoing support of tMS group, led by Hugh Callacher. Hugh and his team have been involved in Planet Whale from the very beginning, providing financial support and invaluable technical expertise. We thank tMS Group for believing in us from day one, and for sharing our passion for raising the standards of whale watching across the world and inspiring more people to see these incredible animals in the wild. tMS Group and Planet Whale have a common vision for learning and sharing together to create a better world.

More about tMS Group

tMS (the Missing Sock) Group is a small group of simple folk who share the same vision and desire to make a difference.  We represent the many like-minded people searching for wisdom, guidance, harmony and balance...and we have a dream to create a place for them to come together and have some fun.

tMS has evolved from a combination of all the important aspects of these people's lives and those that have supported them.  The next stage in the development of tMS can only be achieved through the passion and dedication of others. Those who can embrace the founding values and mission of tMS will be the next generation of missing socks that will develop their learning and wisdom into an international brand of social mobility.




2013 Responsible Whale Watch Partnership:Click here to read more about the partnership