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TURMARES TARIFA | Whale & Dolphin Watching

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The company TURMARES (Turismo Maritimo del Estrecho/Maritime Tourism in the Strait) was created in the year 1999 in Andalusia. Its main activity is maritime tourism, in particular the sighting of cetaceans (whales and dolphins) in the Strait of Gibraltar.

These tasks are complemented by the participation in scientific research projects related to the conservation of the marine environment. These are developed jointly with official bodies (Ministries of Environment and Tourism, Council of Cadiz, Commerce and Sport for the Junta de Andalucia, etc.) aswell as in collaboration with companies that are internationally renowned for their work in protection and conservation of cetaceans ( National Geographic, BBC, Sociedad Española de Cetaceos/Spanish Cetacean Society, etc.). These companies lend their support and participate in numerous courses, conferences and international meetings related to this subject.

At present, TURMARES aims to become a leader in the tourism sector, on both, national and international level, making an effort in marketing performance as well as in terms of environmental responsibility, especially taking into account that their activity depends on a living resource within the natural environment, sacred, fragile and which must be protected.

We have three different boats from a capacity of only ten passengers up to 150 passengers; you can even book a private trip with our fast-boat...


Our largest boat has a maximum capacity of 200 seats and is manned by professionals of the sea, including biologists who will be pleased to give you further details of the behaviour and biology of the different species of cetacean encountered in this area.

Goes from the port of Tarifa to the Strait for whale watching and other nautical activities. It is the best boat for those who want an adventurous trip in contact with nature.


March • April • May • June • July • August • September • October


Short (1-3 hours) • Half-day (3-6 hours) • Full day (6-9 hours) • Multi-day

Vessel types

Large boat (50+ passengers) • Small boat (0-50 passengers)

Times and prices

Private Trips:


Rainbow (fastboat):

Low-Season: 520 € / 2 hrs

                      260 € / extra hr

High-Season: 640 € / 2hrs

                      320 € / extra hr


Regular Trips (2 hrs - 2 hrs 30 min.):

11h – 12h – 14:30 – 17h


Adults: 30 €

Children (4 – 14 y.o.) and Seniors: 20 €

Babies (0 – 4 y.o.): 0€



Killer Whale Trips (3 hrs - 3 hrs 30 min.):


Departure time depending on the tide and the presence of the fishermen

Adults: 45 €

Children (4 – 14 y.o.) and Seniors: 25 €

Babies (0 – 4 y.o.): 0€


About our skippers and naturalist guides


Access to wheelhouse • Deck with 360?vision • Disabled access • Hands-on materials (bones, shells etc) • Naturalist guide(s) as well as skipper • On board video • Onboard research • PA system • Posters / displays / maps • Reading material available • Restrooms / toilets on board • Snacks / drinks • Support conservation

We frequently

Watch whales and dolphins

Baleen Whales

Fin Whale

Toothed Whales

Killer Whale / Orca • Long-finned Pilot Whale • Sperm Whale

Ocean Dolphins

Bottlenose Dolphin • Long-beaked Common Dolphin • Striped Dolphin

Other wildlife and points of interest

Resident Species (can be seen all year): - Common Dolphin (Deplphinus delphi). - Stripped Dolphin (Stenella coreuleoalba). - Bottlenose Dolphin (Tursiops tuncatus). - Pilot Whale (Globicephala melas). Semi-resident species (presence depending on availability of food): - Orca (between July and September) - Sperm whale (mostly between March and July) Migratory species (using the strait routes): - Fin whale (mostly between May and July)

Avda. Alcalde Juan Núñez, 3
Town / City
State / County
Cadiz / Andalusia
Zip / Postcode
Great scientifical and educational programs
Traveled: 2013-09-08, Reviewed: 2014-03-08
Safe approach to whales / dolphins
Valuable learning experience
Trip meets expectations
Minimal impact on the marine environment
Own research / support for conservation
Turmares really complement it's tourist activity with an educational and a research background. This effect is clearly observed in the guides enthusiasm, using visitors experience as tool for conscientiousness process. Marine biologists go along with tourists to research statistics and data about these animals and their habitat, useful for scientific projects and publishing. No longer they offer courses, presentations and environmental education programs for the schoolar groups, GREAT JOB!
Traveled: 2011-10-06, Reviewed: 2011-10-11
Safe approach to whales / dolphins
Valuable learning experience
Trip meets expectations
Minimal impact on the marine environment
Own research / support for conservation
Some friends and I spent about one week in Tarifa for kiting, and one "unlucky" day with no wind we decided to make a trip with this company.
We chose it because it seems to be the only one with a real research program and interest (checked at their website and personally in the office). This is a very important point for me as I'm an engineer but concerned about the environment.
But let's talk about the whale watching! It was just awesome. In their 2h trip we saw 3 different dolphin species (not bad at all). But the best moment hadn't arrived yet... Once we were coming back, the crew saw a blow far away... so there we went!
You won't believe what we saw... First of all 5 ORCAS! It's not the best moment for watching them there, but... it was our lucky day! because a few minutes later we saw another blow... SPERM WHALES! We got to see 4 males, and it wasn't their season as well.
The guides showed us some articles about whales' seasons and migrations so we realised how lucky we were. I know that this will not probably happen again but as I said before, it was our lucky day!
I'll repeat!!
Traveled: 2011-09-17, Reviewed: 2011-09-29
Safe approach to whales / dolphins
Valuable learning experience
Trip meets expectations
Minimal impact on the marine environment
Own research / support for conservation
Hi everyone!!

I was in the southern Spain for two weeks (to visit my family). I decided to compare my experience in Taganga. So I went to Tarifa.
I chose this company because of their glass bottomed boat.
We were really lucky those Sunday because when we were coming back the capitain saw the blow of a FIN WHALE!! I was really excited because I had seen Humpback wahles in Taganga and this other would be even bigger!!
It wasn't much bigger than the humpback whale I saw a few years ago in Colombia but we were travelling beside the fin whale for 20 min. aprox. It was awesome!! the fin whale was all the time swimming through the Atlantic just as we were doing when we saw it, but finally we had to come back to the harbour so we left it swimming and started coming back.
I'll repeat this trip once I come back to Spain. I know that it will be really complicated to be so lucky again and watch bottlenose dolphins, pilot whales and a fin whale; but, maybe, I'll get to see a Sperm Whale. I'll try it at least!
I recommend this experience for every person who loves the animals in freedom.
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