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Terra Azul | Azores Whale Watching | Whale & Dolphin Watching

We offer you moments of discovery, filled with excitment and delight, by journeying out to sea and witnessing its magnificent wildlife.

These journeys are based on concepts of Eco-tourism, education and conservation. Accompanying you on the adventure is a trio of qualified Terra Azul team members. Positioned at a high point on land is our "lookout" that, with the aid of high quality binoculars, locates cetacean activity and radios their coordinates to your skipper. The skipper's main tasks are to navigate the vessel, ensure all passengers of safety, and relays constant communication from the lookout to the guide and passengers. The guide is a marine biologist whose mission is to prepare passengers for the excursion, tend to on board needs, explain and educate passengers about what they are observing and their surroundings, as well as to readily answer any questions or concerns. The light hearted spirit and friendly bond between the team is contagious among passengers. Come and catch the love bug with Terra Azul!


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Short (1-3 hours)

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Rigid inflatable

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On board hydrophone • Onboard research • Support conservation • Swim / snorkel included • Use a code of conduct

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Listen to whale song • Listen to whales and dolphins • See a whale's tail • See leaping dolphins • See leaping whales • Swim with them in the wild • Watch whales and dolphins

Baleen Whales

Blue Whale • Bryde's Whale • Fin Whale • Humpback Whale • Minke Whale • Sei Whale

Toothed Whales

Dwarf Sperm Whale • False Killer Whale • Killer Whale / Orca • Long-finned Pilot Whale • Pygmy Killer Whale • Pygmy Sperm Whale • Short-finned Pilot Whale • Sperm Whale

Beaked Whales

Cuvier's Beaked Whale • Gervais' Beaked Whale

Ocean Dolphins

Atlantic Spotted Dolphin • Bottlenose Dolphin • Risso's Dolphin • Short-beaked Common Dolphin • Striped Dolphin

Marina de Vila Franca do Campo - Loja 4
Town / City
Vila Franca do Campo
State / County
São Miguel - Açores
Zip / Postcode
+351 296 581 361
Petr Sikyr
Whale Watching
Traveled: 2013-05-06, Reviewed: 2013-05-10
Safe approach to whales / dolphins
Valuable learning experience
Trip meets expectations
Minimal impact on the marine environment
Own research / support for conservation
OK friends, the trip was super and met my exceptation. Even with nice wheather. We saw 2 types of whales. 3x sperm whale and 2x fin whale. We also get an extra bonus - sea turtle :). Guides were very nice. So I can recommend this company to you.
mixed experiences
Traveled: 2007-05-21, Reviewed: 2011-10-30
Safe approach to whales / dolphins
Valuable learning experience
Trip meets expectations
Minimal impact on the marine environment
Own research / support for conservation
Since the weather was pretty rough the day we went out it was difficult to find animals. Once we found a group of common dolphins, we kept following them for quite some time, though it was clear to me that they didn't want to be with us. Since there's a sighting garantee for all the companies on Sao Miguel they do everyting to find dolphins

When we did a trip later that week with calm weather, we found a group which enjoyed bowriding which was very cool. Our guide told us that for her it's important that animals accept us.

What I really liked is that they stopped and picked up trash/garbage out of the water.

Guides are knowledgeable and friendly and collect data for research too.
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2013 Responsible Whale Watch Partnership:Click here to read more about the partnership