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Special Tours in Iceland | Whale & Dolphin Watching

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Special Tours offers Whale Watching Excursions out of Reykjavik's old harbour. These adventures are conducted from a brand-new, purpose-built boat, one of its kind in Iceland, called Rosin (the Rose). She is environmental friendly, yet fast and luxurious. With this unique boat, Special Tours can reach the whale watching area in only 15-20 minutes, offering Reykjavik's tourists shorter whale watching excursions, without loosing out on any time with the whales! Special Tours offers free pick-up service, free hot drinks on-board, as well as new and warm overalls for all passengers. Special Tours also offers Puffin Watching tours as well as Sea Angling adventures. Special Tours has an extensive environmental policy and received the Blue Flag eco-label in May 2011.


April • May • June • July • August • September • October


Short (1-3 hours) • Half-day (3-6 hours)

Vessel types

Large boat (50+ passengers) • Small boat (0-50 passengers)

Times and prices

April: Daily departures at 10:00.

May: Daily departures at 10:00 and 14:00

June, July, August: Daily departures at 10:00, 14:00, and 18:00.

September:Daily departures at 10:00 and 14:00

October: Daily departures at 10:00

Prices: 48 € per adult, 24 € for children 7-15 years, free for children under 7 years.

About our skippers and naturalist guides

The owners of Special Tours are two young men, both licenced captains and engineers, who have been fishing and sailing in Iceland´s waters for a good many years! They love nothing more than being out on the ocean with their passengers, sharing entertaining stories of the sea and are very willing to answer any questions our passengers may have.

Our guides are all naturalists at heart and have extensive experience and enthusiasm in the field. They share their wealth of knowledge on the whales you can expect to spot and how to look out for them, as well as passing on some interesting facts and old sea stories about encounters with these magnificent creatures.

Our focus is personal service from A-Z.


Carbon neutral • Deck with 360?vision • Disabled access • Naturalist guide(s) as well as skipper • On board video • On-site visitor center / museum • PA system • Posters / displays / maps • Reading material available • Restrooms / toilets on board • Scenic backdrop to encounters • Snacks / drinks • Support conservation

We frequently

See a whale's tail • See leaping dolphins • See leaping whales • Watch whales and dolphins

Baleen Whales

Humpback Whale • Minke Whale

Ocean Dolphins

White-beaked Dolphin


Harbour Porpoise

Other wildlife and points of interest

Occasionally spotted: Bone Shark, Fin Whale and Killer Whale.

Reykjavik's Old Harbour
Town / City
State / County
Zip / Postcode
00354 8920099
Erica Leyshon
Good trip out with lots of minke
Traveled: 2014-06-12, Reviewed: 2014-06-15
Safe approach to whales / dolphins
Valuable learning experience
Trip meets expectations
Minimal impact on the marine environment
Own research / support for conservation
Super fast boat so maximum time in the area where you are likely to spot whales, rather than in getting there. Knowledgeable captain and crew, spent a lot of time explaining about toothed and baleen whales and the differences, also where whales came from and how they evolved. Had a baleen on board which they showed us on the way back in. Lots of commentary whilst the minke were about and they were clear that the minke were behaving oddly and they didn't know why. More around than usual for these relatively solitary animals. Would have no hesitation in recommending them as a responsible whale watching company. We had a great trip.
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