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Jetwing Lighthouse | Whale & Dolphin Watching

Jetwing Lighthouse Hotel is conducting Whale and Dolphin watching Tours (Marine mammal safari) in Mirissa, Galle, Kalpitiya and Trinco - Sri Lanka. We highly recommend November to April months. Jetwing Lighthouse Naturalist - Anoma Alagiyawadu come on board (he is the most experienced Whale and Dolphin Watching tour handling Naturalist in Sri Lanka).


Mirissa is the best place in Sri Lanka to see Marine Mammals, Specially Blue Whales, Sperm Whales, Bryde's Whales, Short Finned Pilot Whales, Common Dolphins, Bottlenose Dolphins, Spinner Dolphins, Risso's Dolphins and Striped Dolphins. We are conducting four or five hours expeditions from month of November to month of April in Mirissa. There are 27 of marine mammals recorded in the seas around Sri Lanka.



January • February • March • April • May • June • July • August • September • October • November • December


Short (1-3 hours) • Half-day (3-6 hours) • Full day (6-9 hours) • Multi-day

Vessel types

Helicopter / Plane • Kayak / Canoe • Large boat (50+ passengers) • Live-aboard boat • Small boat (0-50 passengers)

Times and prices

Contact us for details of dates and prices.

About our skippers and naturalist guides

Skippers and all crew members from fishing families with generations of experience. Jetwing Lighthouse Naturalist Anoma Alagiyawadu (he is the most experienced Whale and Dolphin Watching tour handling Naturalist in Sri Lanka) is conducting and guiding all the tours.


Access to wheelhouse • Deck with 360?vision • Disabled access • Hands-on materials (bones, shells etc) • Naturalist guide(s) as well as skipper • On board hydrophone • On board video • On-site visitor center / museum • Onboard research • PA system • Posters / displays / maps • Public participation in research • Reading material available • Restrooms / toilets on board • Scenic backdrop to encounters • Snacks / drinks • Support conservation • Swim / snorkel included • Use a code of conduct

We frequently

Listen to whales and dolphins • See a whale's tail • See leaping dolphins • See leaping whales • Showered by whale blows • Watch whales and dolphins

Baleen Whales

Blue Whale • Bryde's Whale

Toothed Whales

False Killer Whale • Killer Whale / Orca • Short-finned Pilot Whale • Sperm Whale

Ocean Dolphins

Bottlenose Dolphin • Fraser's Dolphin • Indo-Pacific Bottlenose Dolphin • Pantropical Spotted Dolphin • Risso's Dolphin • Rough-toothed Dolphin • Spinner Dolphin • Striped Dolphin

Other wildlife and points of interest

Lots of different types of Seabirds, Turtles, Manta rays, local fishing boats, stilt fisherman, sun rice, sunset, most southern tip of Sri Lanka / Asia.

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