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Madeira Catamaran | Whale & Dolphin Watching

Our company has been operating for the last ten years, taking clients out to sea to watch dolphins and whales in their natural habitat. Having two catamarans "Sea Pleasure" that has a total capacity of 70 passengers and “Sea The Best” that takes up to 100 passengers, we normally go along the Southwest coast of Madeira looking for dolphins and whales, after that we take route to “Cabo Girão” the second-highest sea cliff in the world,  where we stop for a swim (if the weather permits it), returning to the harbor by sail (again if the wind permits it). If on your trip with us, there are no sightings of cetaceans (neither dolphins nor whales), we offer you a second trip entirely free.



January • February • March • April • May • June • July • August • September • October • November • December


Short (1-3 hours)

Vessel types

Large boat (50+ passengers) • Under sail / Yacht

Times and prices

Our regular trips have the duration of three hours, with the following time table:

10:30h to 13:30h

15:00h to 18:00h

18:30h to 21:30h (only on July, August and September)


Price List

Adult - 30 €

Child - 15 €

Family Package (parents with 2 or more children) - 80 €

About our skippers and naturalist guides

Our highly qualified crew, have training as life-guards, are specialized in sailing, canoeing, first aid at sea and are also fluent in various languages, namely Portuguese, Spanish, English, French, Italian and German. There is still two qualified sea guides as part of our crew.



Access to wheelhouse • Deck with 360?vision • Disabled access • Naturalist guide(s) as well as skipper • Reading material available • Restrooms / toilets on board • Scenic backdrop to encounters • Snacks / drinks • Support conservation • Swim / snorkel included • Use a code of conduct

We frequently

See a whale's tail • See leaping dolphins • See leaping whales • Watch whales and dolphins

Baleen Whales

Bryde's Whale • Fin Whale • Sei Whale

Toothed Whales

Short-finned Pilot Whale

Beaked Whales

Blainville's Beaked Whale • Sowerby's Beaked Whale

Ocean Dolphins

Atlantic Spotted Dolphin • Bottlenose Dolphin • Short-beaked Common Dolphin • Striped Dolphin

Other wildlife and points of interest

Blue Whale, Humpback Whale, Minke Whale, North Atlantic Right Whale, False Killer Whale, Orca, Long-finned Pilot Whale, Cuvier's Beaked Whale, Fraser's Dolphin, Rissos's Dolphin, Rough-toothed Dolphin,

Av. Arriaga, 41/43, Galerias São Lourenço
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2013 Responsible Whale Watch Partnership:Click here to read more about the partnership