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Cruiseport, Gloucester, Massachusetts, USA 

The International Whale Watch Conference: November 4-5 2013

whale and dolphin watching: the commercial advantages of a sustainable approach

The World Whale Conference: November 6-7 2013

putting cetaceans on the map: collaborative strategies for protecting the world's whales, dolphins and porpoises


Two unmissable conferences for those involved with whales and dolphins - back to back. Book for one or book for both of these powerful, game-changing 2-day gatherings. 



Monday 4 & Tuesday 5 November - The 2nd International Whale Watch Conference
Aimed at those working in or alongside the whale and dolphin watching industry - run by The Responsible Whale Watch Partnership

Wednesday 6 & Thursday 7 November - The 2nd World Whale Conference
Aimed at non-profits, businesses and individuals who want to tackle the threats to the world’s whales, dolphins and porpoises - run by The World Cetacean Alliance

In 2011 Planet Whale hosted a gathering of whale and dolphin watch operators from around the world. In 2012, prior to WhaleFest, operators gathered again at the World Whale Watch Conference, October 25-26 2012, Brighton Hilton, UK - during those two days companies presented case studies illustrating examples of sustainability initiatives that had created a postive impact on their businesses; workshops looked at how the industry could influence the imposition of guidelines and regulations; plus the Responsible Whale Watch Awards took place. Concurrently, in an adjacent room, 
the 1st World Whale Conference gathered non-profits, individuals and operators together to discuss how to work more closely in partnership - a new global mapping initiative was unveiled and 100 NGOs, whale and dolphin watch operators and businesses committed to suppport three causes through the 'Save the Whales: Reloaded campaign. 

With many people in 2012 saying they wished they could have attended both conferences, in 2013 they now run back-to-back. Two separate but strongly-linked gatherings that you and your organisation or business should be a part of.

Who runs them?
In March 2013, 30 whale watch companies from around the world set out to work together as The Responsible Whale Watch Partnership. In June 2013, 22 non-profits, businesses and individuals emerged from the 'Save the Whales:Reloaded' campaign as The World Cetacean Alliance - a growing coalition to protect whales, dolphins and their habitats. Both Partnerships are open, inclusive and collaborative. 
Planet Whale, as a consultant, operates a secretariat and office at the request of each partnership, and organises these annual conferences on their behalf. By facilitating partnerships Planet Whale empowers other individuals and organisations to be more effective through collaboration - we firmly believe that this is the only future for cetaceans and our oceans. All of us welcome your active participation - join us.


Why you should attend The International Whale Watch Conference
Why you should attend The World Whale Conference
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2013 Responsible Whale Watch Partnership:Click here to read more about the partnership