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Latest News: Join the Responsible Whale Watch Partnership 2013!

The 2013 Responsible Whale Watch Partnership has now launched - please find more information on the current members and the Partnership here.

Become a member today of the global partnership of responsible whale and dolphin watch operators and see how your business can benefit:

Planet Whale Responsible Whale Watch Awards 20121.    Recognition and status - brand your literature/website and with your membership logo, plus receive free advert space with Planet Whale

2.    Be in a global responsible trade organisation - a powerful voice for our industry

3.    Have an impact on regulations, stay ahead of the competition, and help to raise standards around the world

4.    Receive a voucher for £300 (US$485 or €370) to use to take part in our industry gathering, the World Whale Watch Conference (November 2013, Massachusetts USA)

5.    Or use your voucher at the industry expo and public festival, WhaleFest (March 2014, Brighton UK - attended in 2012 by 6000 visitors and 100+ exhibitors)

6.    Support (and take part in) the annual industry ‘Responsible Whale Watch Awards’ (won in 2012 by Conscious Breath Adventures, Dominican Republic)

7.    Contribute your ‘case study’ to our influential annual industry publication, ‘Report on Responsible Whale and Dolphin Watching

8.    Make valuable connections, plus access the Partnership forum to swap ideas, get solutions, and seek advice relating to your business

9.    Save money on training courses and services through your membership 

10.  Receive our membership pack, including a certificate, partnership map, and logo for display, with further info on all the partners and responsible whale watching. 

Your membership enables your personal development, a more secure future for whales and dolphins, plus the development of a thriving, sustainable industry . . . all for about the price of a cup of coffee each day!

Your investment as a member is:

1.    To support our Best Practice Guidelines

2.    To aim to get 5 public reviews of your trips on the Planet Whale website in 2013 in order to receive an official customer accreditation 5-star rating

3.    Membership fee payable either as an annual fee (single payment) or 10 monthly payments. To make membership affordable for all, we have created a two level membership fee: 


World Map Whale Watching Companies

Level 1 - North America, Australia/NZ, Europe, South Africa, Japan

Annual Fee: £850 (US$1365 or €1050) 

Or 10 Monthly Payments: £99 (US$160 or €125)


Please note that businesses in the UK are subject to 20% VAT. Businesses outside the UK but within the European Union / European Community are also subject to VAT unless they have a registered VAT number.


Level 2 - South America, Asia, Africa, Central America, Caribbean

Annual Fee: £400 (US$645 or €495)

Deadline for submissions to the 2013 Responsible Whale Watch Partnership is

1st March 2013.


You get to build upon an already successful partnership, created by the 12 members of the ‘2012 Responsible Whale Watch Partnership’ who, as Ambassadors, are now forming a ‘steering committee’ to take our aims forward. This is an opportunity to thrive amidst the 450+ businesses already listed on the Planet Whale website, and to play an important role in the future for whale watching in your area, and around the world.

To know more about the history of the partnership click here.


For further information contact Planet Whale at:

Tel: +44 (0)1273 355011


Pay now!

If your membership has been confirmed with the Planet Whale team and you'd prefer to pay your Partnership fee with a credit/debit card or Paypal please use the following link. The agreed payments (one-off or instalments) will be debited according to the agreed schedule. Please get in touch if you have any queries.


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2013 Whale Watch Operators Partnership:Click here to read more about the partnership