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Ever wondered...

Who’s protecting Orcas and who would rather work with Blue Whales?
Which country supports the most Cetacean Conservation Organisation’s (CCO's)?
Who has been around the longest and who has achieved the most?
What’s the difference between two apparently similar CCO’s?
Where's your nearest CCO?

Of course you have, and now you can find out by reading:


A Global Directory of Cetacean Conservation Organisations (CCO’s)

Planet Whale is proud to announce the publication of the first report ever to summarise the status of the world’s non-profit Cetacean Conservation Organisations (CCO’s). Planet Whale has produced this report as a free downloadable resource for everybody to use, so please take it away, load it on your own website or link to it from your social network or blog.

Click here to read the report online

Click here to download (file is 37 megabytes)

Packed with fascinating information and stunning images, this report includes an easy-to-use directory of 96 CCO’s in 32 different countries worldwide. Find out who is helping whales and dolphins near you; check out their projects and campaigns; discover their funding sources; and then contact them directly.





Planet Whale plans to convert dedicated whale watchers into passionate conservationists by encouraging them to get involved with and support CCO’s. To do so, we commissioned this report to gather the views and opinions of as many CCO's as possible to find out how Planet Whale can further promote their work. This report summarises this feedback and our subsequent plans (see pages 18-20 for a summary).

This project would not have been possible without the dedication of many people and organisations, but a special thanks must go to the editor, Amanda Banks, and designer, Shen Yan Liow, for the incredible effort and voluntary time that they have dedicated to making it happen. We love you guys!