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Whale Love
This experience changed my life. We had so many amazing encounters with the whales, every day another unique experience. Scott and his crew love the whales as much as we do, it was all about the whales. Scott is an amazing photographer and sent us... Read more
Swimming with Gentle Giants | Whale & Dolphin Watching reviewed by Karla Smith
Completely unique
I have had the opportunity to attend a tour organised by SWTGG earlier this year. It has been one of the most mesmerising and humbling experiences of my life.

I found the tours run by SWTGG were unique in so many different aspects. There are only 4... Read more
Swimming with Gentle Giants | Whale & Dolphin Watching reviewed by Michaela
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santa cruz de tenerife, Spain
Jan • Feb • Mar • Apr • May

Inia - Whale Watching INIA is a purpose built R.I.B. (Rigid Inflatable Boat) which emits low-noise and low-vibration silent motors. Join us on one of the most beautiful and exciting journeys – in the rout of the whales. Read more

Marine Life Conservation

Ligurian Sea, Italy
Whole year

Marine Life Consertvation offers you the opportunity to know Mediterranean Cetaceans from sailboat. A unique opportunity to observe animals in their natural environment. On board the Blue Water you can choose from a variety of programs always new. Read more

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