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Broken Arm-- Stay Aqay
Unfortunately, I broke my arm just prior to my dolphin swim and was physically unable to go with my group on the tour. I understood that I'd probably lose my $75 deposit. However, I was in utter shock when my mom (73 years old) was forced to pay an... Read more
Rockingham Wild Encounters | Dolphin Watching reviewed by Roger Mulholland
Amazing time!
Trip was absolutly amazing, perfect weather, perfect servis, perfect biologists. We were so interested, that we went back 2 times. Magnificent! Now we must buy new fly tickets to Ponta Delgada, cause we must see it again! Every day we follow their... Read more
Azores Whale Watching Futurismo | Whale & Dolphin Watching reviewed by Vanda
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Moonshadow - TQC Cruises | Whale & Dolphin Watching

New South Wales, Australia
Bottlenose Dolphin • False Killer Whale • Humpback Whale • Long-beaked Common Dolphin • Sei Whale • Southern Right Whale
Whole year

Moonshadow - TQC Cruises is a family owned and operated business that specialises in dolphin watching cruises and whale watching cruises. Based in Nelson Bay, Port Stephens, Moonshadow - TQC Cruises and offer a range of memorable... Read more

Capt Dave's Dolphin and Whale Safari | Whale & Dolphin Watching

California, United States
Blue Whale • Bottlenose Dolphin • Bryde's Whale • Fin Whale • Gray Whale • Humpback Whale • Long-beaked Common Dolphin • Minke Whale • Pacific White-sided Dolphin • Risso's Dolphin • Sei Whale • Short-beaked Common Dolphin • Striped Dolphin
Whole year

Most unique dolphin & whale watching in the world. Get eye-to-eye underwater with dolphins & whales without getting wet on catamaran sailboat MANTEU'A. Read more

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