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The Divine Dolphin | Whale & Dolphin Watching

We provide trips to experience and swim with wild dolphins and whales in the best places on the planet… Bimini (Bahamas), Silver Banks (Dominican Republic) and Drake Bay (Costa Rica).

The Divine Dolphin offers the amazing life changing opportunity to encounter and swim with wild Dolphins and Whales in the best places on the planet: Bimini, Bahamas and Silver Bank, Dominican Republic - and our combined ocean and rainforest tours to Drake Bay, Costa Rica. Each place is unique and wonderful and we are sure one of our locations is perfect for your dream to get up close and personal with the amazing dolphins and whales. Bimini, Bahamas hosts some of the most friendly and dolphins on the planet. Swim, twirl and glide through the warm turquoise waters with playful spotted and bottlenose dolphins. Silver Bank, Dominican Republic offers the incredible opportunity to float and swim with the Humpback Whales in a whale sanctuary where only three boats are allowed. While swimming with dolphins and whales is illegal in Costa Rica, the sheer numbers of them, combined with the rainforest makes this a nature adventure beyond your wildest dreams! In summary, if you want to swim with dolphins, come to Bimini. If you want to swim with Humpback Whales, come to Silver Bank. And if you want to experience large numbers of dolphins and whales combined with rainforest tours, come to Costa Rica! Wherever you decide to go be warned: many people who swim with dolphins and whales experience changes in their spiritual awareness and an opening of the heart. You may also experience feelings of bliss, intense joy, emotional release and deep relaxation.


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Vessel types

Live-aboard boat • Small boat (0-50 passengers)

Times and prices

Please see website or contact us for details.

About our skippers and naturalist guides

All our trips provide experienced and enthusiastic naturalist guides and skippers.


Deck with 360?vision • Disabled access • Hands-on materials (bones, shells etc) • Naturalist guide(s) as well as skipper • On board hydrophone • On board video • Onboard research • PA system • Posters / displays / maps • Reading material available • Restrooms / toilets on board • Scenic backdrop to encounters • Snacks / drinks • Support conservation • Swim / snorkel included • Use a code of conduct

We frequently

See a whale's tail • See leaping dolphins • See leaping whales • Swim with them in the wild • Watch whales and dolphins

Baleen Whales

Humpback Whale

Toothed Whales

Killer Whale / Orca

Ocean Dolphins

Atlantic Spotted Dolphin • Bottlenose Dolphin • Spinner Dolphin

Other wildlife and points of interest

Our trips to Silver Bank, Dominican Republic takes you to the Humpback Whale Sanctuary that is a nursing and feeding ground.

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