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Bosphorus Dolphin Watch | Dolphin Watching




We are delighted to announce you that you are invited to explore the one of the most historical places of the world with its beautiful wildlife. The tours start from 10:00 to 16:00. Even though, dolphins, known to have a unique place in the marine ecosystem, are frequently observed in the Turkish water, recently they are forced to demonstrate in the pools. We are giving you the chance to observe these exceptional animals in their natural environment. The main aim of these tours is to develop an understanding both on nature and on the battle of life of these species.  Thus we intend to increase the public awareness on dolphin conservation. The incomes from these tours go to the dolphin research expenses.

As it is known, three different species of dolphin inhabits in Bosphorus, which are; common dolphin, bottlenose dolphin and harbour porpoises. Their place in ecosystem is vital as they are the  apex of  food chain and due to the variety of their diet; they protect the equilibrium in the ecosystem. If the dolphins were diminished from the nature, other existing species’ disappearances were unavoidable. The other purpose of our Dolphin Watch Tours is to address the problems that dolphins have to deal with, such as habitat loss, overhunting, noise pollution, waterborne traffic and pollution in general.

Our dolphin watch boat is for 10 people daily. Departure and landing of the boat will be done from the Ahırkapı. Tour participation fee (70Euro for each person) will transferred to the dolphin conservation and  research fund. Dolphin observation may not be possible for each tour as the observations are carried out on the wild population. In this kind of conditions, there will be no refund. The tour may get cancelled in the bad weather conditions.

For participating or any further questions, please get in contact with;

Aylin Akkaya:

telephone: +905337339443



January • February • March • April • May • June • July • August • September • October • November • December


Half-day (3-6 hours) • Full day (6-9 hours)

Vessel types

Small boat (0-50 passengers)

Times and prices

Every Saturday from 10:00 to 17:00, our dolphin watch tour is taken place. 

The price is 80 TL (50 US dolar) and all of the money from the tour goes to the research which is taken place in the Istanbul Strait. 

About our skippers and naturalist guides

We have 6 researchers in the boat for whole the tour and they are collecting actual data during the dolphin watch and you are welcome to be a part of it during the tour. 


Deck with 360?vision • Hands-on materials (bones, shells etc) • Naturalist guide(s) as well as skipper • On board hydrophone • Onboard research • Posters / displays / maps • Public participation in research • Reading material available • Restrooms / toilets on board • Scenic backdrop to encounters • Snacks / drinks • Support conservation • Swim / snorkel included

We frequently

See leaping dolphins • Watch dolphins only

Ocean Dolphins

Bottlenose Dolphin • Short-beaked Common Dolphin


Harbour Porpoise

Other wildlife and points of interest

Istanbul Strait is also great for bird watching.

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Aylin Akkaya
Winter Dolphins of Turkey
Traveled: 2013-02-14, Reviewed: 2013-02-15
Safe approach to whales / dolphins
Valuable learning experience
Trip meets expectations
Minimal impact on the marine environment
Own research / support for conservation
Me and my husband had a valentine day in the dolphin watch tour. The day started cold and end cold as well as rainy but dolphins and us were enjoying it all. It was also very historical. The strait was full with 400 years old palaces together with the dolphins in the blue. The tour took around 8 hours with a great fish and chips break. We encountered the common dolphins in Black Sea, Bottlenose in Marmara and porpoises in the middle.
Thank you for it all,
Had a great time
Traveled: 2012-08-04, Reviewed: 2012-08-06
Safe approach to whales / dolphins
Valuable learning experience
Trip meets expectations
Minimal impact on the marine environment
Own research / support for conservation
While seeing the Bosphorous, observing the dolphins at the same time was a great experience. Even though I was living in Istanbul for 10 years and crossing the strait everyday at least two times, this was the first time that I explored it fully and learned its importance for the ecosystem. For 7 hours, we have the free dolphins swimming next to our boat. And the researchers were there for all the questions we had. The booklets were great help to identify the species.
I will be the first to enroll for the next week as well.
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